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Dream job wanted? - Become a hostess!

With us, you can find your dream job, because as a hostess you have high pay, time self-determination and the chance to build a career. No matter if you want to become a full time or part-time hostess, we offer everything (also student jobs). We are always looking for new faces for our file, so apply now and benefit from the professionalism of our hostess agency Nuremberg.

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Become a hostess - frequently asked questions

You can easily apply through our online application form. You only need to send some personal information as well as a few portraits and if you have, also gladly reference testimonials from you.

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That depends on the application volume of the current time, but as a rule it should not take longer than 5 days until we contact you.

Generally, we always contact you by e-mail when we have an order. If it is spontaneous, we will contact you via Whatsapp or phone! 

No! You decide completely yourself which jobs you accept. You can easily accept only the jobs that fit you and your schedule.