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As a student, the job as a hostess offers a great opportunity, because you are mostly already living in the big cities where the trade fairs and other special events take place. Since there is a high demand for event personnel for these trade fairs and other events, this is your chance to get a lucrative and flexible part-time job. Apply now as a hostess, grid girl or moderator at our Hostess Agency Nuremberg.


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If you are a student, you are probably already where the trade fairs and events take place anyway, namely in the big cities. Numerous trade fairs and events are held there every year, for which the right personnel are regularly needed. So why should you become a hostess? You can decide for yourself which offers you will accept. So if you are in an exam period, you can easily decide yourself if and how much you work. This is a big advantage over most other part-time jobs!

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When you are on the road as a hostess in Nuremberg, you will always have a different working day. What exactly you do depends on which job you accept. For example, you can represent a company at trade fairs and present their latest product to visitors and distribute flyers. Or you can be used as a hostess in the service and provide visitors with drinks or snacks. As a reception hostess you welcome the guests, take care of their wardrobe or give information about the fair. But you can also be employed as a promoter or grid girl! Then you work either at motorsport events as a support for the racers, e.g. by handing out the trophies or giving away finish flags. As a promoter, you'll encourage people to enter a sweepstakes, hand out samples of a new snack, or give away free samples of a product.


If you already have some experience, you can also work as a VIP hostess. Then you are responsible for special personalities such as politicians or celebrities and take over tasks that arise around these persons, e.g. the beverage service or showing around on the fairground.

The chief hostess is a popular position among hostesses, because as a chief hostess you are responsible for all other hostesses in addition to the usual activities. In addition, you also serve as a contact person for the companies that are represented at the fair.

At trade fairs, there are always international booths or guests from different countries visiting. Therefore, it is important that you know English or speak other languages, for example, to answer questions about food or the event.

Even if it is a student job, you take over many different and above all important activities, without which a fair cannot function. However, you always decide for yourself what you want to be employed as! Sounds promising? Then apply for a student job at the Hostess Agency Nuremberg.

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You will receive regular offers for student jobs as promoter, trade fair hostess or grid girl, which are tailored to your specifications in our file. If you accept a job, we will support you with our service from the beginning. You can always contact our hostess agency Nuremberg with your questions.

If you are thinking about applying for a student job with us, you should be able to bring along some qualities:

  • Open character and eloquent: You will meet many people and engage them in conversation. So you should have no problem talking and approaching strangers.
  • Well-groomed appearance: A well-groomed appearance is especially important for serving food. In addition, it always leaves a nice impression if you take care of yourself.
  • Respectful treatment: Politeness and respect are a must, not only towards guests, but also towards the clients themselves!

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